To bolster user retention, I introduced a rewarding feature within Gofire's Personal Dosing App.

This all-encompassing app provides users the tools to seamlessly discover, accurately dose, track, and gain deep insights about their medication. Recognizing the importance of sustained engagement and a richer user interaction, I spearheaded a cross-functional effort to design a captivating achievement-based experience. This collaborative approach ensured that the feature not only met design aesthetics but also addressed functional needs, enriching the overall user journey.
The achievements offer a novel yet faithful twist on the Gofire brand. I employed a consistent grid for badge uniformity but deviated when beneficial to the design. Asymmetry evokes a human touch.

Designed for diverse platforms, these achievements, resembling badges or enamel pins, can be physically produced for customer promotions or sales.
I crafted wireframes to depict the achievement dashboard, complemented by the achievement pop-up and an in-depth ranking page. Throughout the screen design progression, my primary focus remained on ensuring the experience felt gratifying and meaningful, rather than making it feel like just another game.
Building on the foundational UI design of the Gofire App, I seamlessly incorporated the achievement experience. I introduced a dashboard system furnished with interactive cards, enabling users to swiftly and efficiently overview their collected achievements.